Looking for Suggestions

I resently replaced my HT speaker system from klipsch to B&W. I know that the horn loaded klipsch are bright, but now am getting a very soft mellow sound. For music, this is great, movies, not so great. Is there anyway over this hurdle? system as followed:

B&W 602.5 S3 FRONT
B&W 600 S3 REAR
First try using Silver cables and interconnects. This will open up the mids, and highs. Then perhaps go to a more powerful outboard multi channel amp which will posess more current for your B&W 's.
Experiment with upgrade AC cords on any component having detachable cords. Again, silver may be able to brighten things up for you, but do try out a few different cords. Buy used here & then resell what doesn't work out.
Dont try to change the sound or tones with wires of any kind. If you dont like the sound consider changing componets. So many people try to mask what they dont like about the system and only make it worse. They spend so much money on wire hoping to get it right but never do. Ever wonder why there are so many wires for sale on audiogon? now you know! Good Luck
Yeah, great idea...use lamp cord with your B&W's..better yet, keep your lamp cord, and upgrade to 50,000.00 equipment but dont change out the lamp cord... ????? WHAT ????? Most reputable Cable companies will gaurantee that you will hear an audible improvement or your money back... Ever wonder why so many cable companies are sucessful??
Obviously Verastarr has a bit of a mis-interpretation of the message...I don't think a $50,000 investment is in order. You probably should look into the components that make up your system. What I was suggesting is that wire, alone, is not going to solve the problem you are experiencing. The lamp cord is a pretty off-the-wall analogy. If you have an issue with an aspect of your system which is a result of the make up of your componants - wire is not going to resolve the problem. (Verastar, do you really think adding a bunch of silver wire is going to solve this guys problem? Obviously not!) Typically, when you build a system, you assemble your components and then choose wire that will compliment the equipment. I think what Arellbar doesn't like about his system is more serious than wire. He may want to consider a component upgrade instead of wasting money on wire unless Verastarr is going to pay for the wire. I do agree with Verastarr on the multi-channel amp and is probably going to be the better solution for your problem with movies. The reason why cable companies are successful could have something to do with the profit margin on their products.
Didn't mean to get off track but had to straighten out Verastarr's mis-representation of what I was saying.
We all have our own opinions - they should be given without the added sarcasm.
Happy listening.
thank you all for the wonderful information. i have listened to different formats with the b&w's and can say without a doubt, the music is outstand. HT is coming up short. maybe when i finish with project #1( f-150 screw ) then i will work on the HT problem with more energy and i liitle more cash.