Looking for straight talk on Focal Sopra No 2 speakers

I'm thinking about moving up the line from my Focal Electra 1028 BE speakers to the Sopra No 2 speakers. I've done some recent upgrades (Bryston 4B3 amp and Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp) and believe that I could squeeze out more quality with better speakers. My inquiry has to do with any comparison experience between the Electras and the Sopras, but mostly the reliability of the Sopras. My Electras have great sound for the money, but have been unreliable. A detached voice coil wire on a woofer followed by a tweeter with the same problem on the other speaker in less than a year. Warranty covered both problems, but I'm understandably a little worried about Focal's QC.

As always, your input is appreciated. 
Have had my Sopra 2’s for 18 months. No issues with reliability and I push them. Have run them with Simaudio 700i, Hegel 300 and Mastersound Box. They handle soft jazz to Heavy Dub no issue. The Sopra’s love to be pushed and they know how to flex their muscles. Hope this helps with your decision.
Taking those ugly shiny Tweeter Grills off should be on the first page of the quick setup guide. 
....I could go on and on about how they ring like a bell from a fingernail tap, but it’s easier to just take them off. Nicer looking too !!!