Looking for stabilizer for Barclay F-1 CD player

I am currently looking for a stabilizer for Barclay Audio F-1 CD transport.

I do need the stabilizer to make F-1 work; the other day, I got an used F-1 and found out that a dedicated stabilizer was NOT with the player unfortunately... As a result, I cannot play the CD without it.

As you may know, Barclay Audio Inc. does no longer exist. My only clue about Barclay is that the company seems to have been located in San Antonio, TX, USA.

I need the drawing of the stabilizer or important information only about it, such as material, weight, shape, diameter and height etc. If you have Barclay F-1 with the dedicated stabilizer, would you supply me the information, please? Or if you know the contact of the person who made Barclay F-1, that would be nice, too. I will be able to ask him for help.

Any information would be highly apprecaited. Thank you.
Hi Shinya,
Any luck finding a stabilizer?
My friend used to own an F1 and said he had 2 different stabilizers.
One was a simple black cast iron thing of about 5cm diameter and 1.5 cm thickness.

The other was an integrated lid and stabilizer that was the diameter of a cd and made of plexiglass(??) and had a silver stabilizer on top. It was smaller than the cast iron one.

He thought the lid version was better.

By the way how much did you pay for the transport?
Have you had the drive mechanism checked out recently? My friend said it was a bit finicky.

I can ask my friend to ask the guy he sold it to, for more details.