Looking for SS power amp for...

Looking for SS power amp for my McItosh C22 preamp and Focal Electras Speakers. Don’t think that I need more than 150 wpc. Mac MC-152 looks like the natural choice, but my question is if I’m planning to spent 3-3.5K may me I’m missing something better? I’m listening mostly to jazz, blues and chamber music.
Look at the Digital Amplifier Company (DAC). Tommy O is a great guy and will set you up. I have his amps and like how they perform. Very quiet and tuneful that deliver music not just sound.


I have been enjoying driving a pair of Focal Sopra No2's with a McIntosh MC452 for about three years now and I do believe that the McIntosh amps with autoformers on the output stage pair really well with those Focal tweeters...so, I'd second the notion of snagging a pre-owned MC152 if purchased from TMR.

I've done business with TMR in the past, straight up people there.
Thanx ejr1953! Looks like I'll go for MC 152. I wonder what TT and phono cart do you use in your system? I have Linn LP 12 and I'm choosing btw Hana HS & Ortofon Black 2M. I definitely appreciate your opinion.