Looking for speedy kable to hasten set-up

Could use some suggestions for speaker cables that are known for their fast pace n speed such as Nordost, HMS, Kimber.

Current set-up:
Wadia 850
Jeff Rowland model 2
Maggies 1.6
FIM cables

Listening preference:
Vocal Jazz
New Age
How about Nordost, HMS, or Kimber :^)

Oh, I almost forgot, welcome to the forums
You're using some already of their other cables already, but what about FIM speaker cables? Very dynamic but still has tonal weight. Just a thought.
Thanks for the suggestion, the idea did stay in my mind for awhile but thought it may be too much of a good! As it is, I find the pace and rhythm a tad slower than what I would like.
Well, I am just hoping that this forum could share some the experiences of these cables to see it they are indeed "faster" as they are being perceived.
Ijust purchased some Nordost Quatro-fils and a pair of SPM speaker wires. I'll let you know in a couple days what it did for my system.
Take a look at Pure Note: www.purenote.com. They are plenty "fast" for my Martin Logans.