Looking for speakers under 3000.00 used

I am replacing my Martin Logan Ascent speakers. I like the sound but am looking for a larger sweet spot. My system is a Computer to Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDSE, Rowland Capri preamp and Pass 250.5 amp. Room is 16 x 18 with vaulted ceiling. I listen to all types of music and will use for watching some video. I was looking at Revel F52 and PSB Synchrony 1. Unfortunately where I live there are no audio stores where I can listen. I am hoping for some help from the audiogon community on this one.
The biggest sweet spots I have ever heard came from two very different speakers: Ohm and Gallo. The Ohms were the lowly Walsh 2s I bought using my salesman's comp. price and the Gallos (Reference 3.1s) I purchased here on Audiogon after hearing a pair at Dave Pogue's home.

Both speakers were amazing in that you could walk around the room and the image never "collapsed", the sweet spots are enormous. The Gallos are the better sounding IMHO, but those Ohms were damn good for what I paid - $225/pr.!!!

I paid about $1700 for my Gallos and they are worth every single penny - I plan on keeping them at least another decade...
01-24-15: Rlwainwright
The biggest sweet spots I have ever heard came from two very different speakers: Ohm and Gallo.
Different configurations and different looks, but very similar dispersion patterns. The Ohm is omnidirectional and the Gallo tweeter has a 300+ degree dispersion pattern--almost an omni as well.

I've had several Mirage bipole and omnidirectional speakers and you're right--they throw a very stable and 3-dimensional soundstage that stays put regardless of your listening position. You can even ge to the left of the left speaker and still hear a left-to-right soundstage just as you would hear in a live performance if you were sitting to the left of the stage.

A year ago I replaced my Mirage OMD-15s (omni floorstanders) with a pair of Magneplanar 1.7s. To my surprise the soundstage is pretty similar and I can still sit at my computer--to the left of the left speaker--and get a credible soundstage.
I'd recommend a good 2nd hand pair of Infinity IRS Sigma's. The last pair that went up for sale the guy was asking $2750, making this speaker an awesome bargain! The IRS-Sigma used the same cabinet as the later IRS-Epsilon. It's driver compliment included a High energy Emit tweeter, High energy Emim midrange with a transmission line, 6 1/2" IMG mid-bass coupler, 12" IMG woofer and a rear-firing High Energy Emit as depicted in this photo giving the Sigma's a dipole effect.

Like most classic Infinity's these speakers like plenty of power! (think a minimum 200 watts@8ohms, or a lower wattage, but high current amp with robust power supplies). One other caveat, unfortunately the demand for classic Infinitys has given rise to some scammers who sell 'frankenspeakers' and tell outright lies in their ads. If you see ads promising "mint condition, never used, last speakers ever made by Infinity" or if the seller only posts photos of the speakers in their boxes claiming they are "NOS/never used", avoid unless their name is Paul McGowan, Arnie Nudell or Bill LeGall. But don't let that put you off what are absolute gems of speakers.
The Revel 206 tower is supposed to be special.
You may need a subwoofer at some point, however.
Ref #a line ius superb and for best bank for the buck Vapor Sound/audio
Check out Dynaudio. I had the C1's and C1 sig's and I have to admit they had a huge sweet spot and great dynamics for their size. Are you looking for a monitor or floor stander?
I am looking for floor standers. Thanks for the input so far. I will do some research on some of the speakers mentioned. Looking forward to more suggestions. Has anyone listened the the Revels or PSB speakers I mentioned?

look for a (rarely seen - wonder why :-)) pair of PSB Synchrony One's - is your right choice. These are easy to drive, easy to move around and dollar for dollar, hard to beat - especially if you want replacement parts. Classic Infinity's are great but fraught with issues as Melbguy1 outlines.

I've heard many, many speakers and these were up there. Hard to take some strangers word but there's a reason Paul hasn't made changes to this line in many years - unlike what seems like now yearly updates by many others. If it ain't broke ....
I recently moved and the room has similar dimensions. I looked at Ohms but got definitivetechniology bp8080st towers and am very happy with the sweet spot and the bass. I use a Marantz CDs with a nuforce preamp and a 225 watt b&h amp. The new def tech series puts -6 snot the rear facing speaker, supposedlymuchbetter than earlier bipolars.
Aerial 10T is one of the best values on the used market IMO. Great speaker.
Have you tried the LSA 2 Statements?
The have an enormous soundstage, but pinpoint imaging. Very neutral, yet musical at the same time.