Looking for speakers under 30" tall.

Hi everyone,  I moved to a new home and my old system just doesn't fit in my new living room.  I'm looking for speaker options that are 30" or less from the floor to the top of the speaker. 

I have been considering monitors on short stands but I don't think they were designed to be so low.

Are there any really nice options out there that fit my needs?
Here ya go! Just under 30 inches!
Reach out to Lee Taylor of Taylor Speakers. He can make any of the floorstanders any height.  You'll probably want them tilted a little.

The Klang-Tong Nada kit uses some of the very best parts available, but there are others.  Lee has a very good ear too, so feel free to ask him for suggestions that fit in your budget.


Neat Motive 2 comes right in at 30 inches tall and is a very nice little speaker. 
Decware DNA horn...great sounding and only 28" high. Plus you can have them custom finished. $1700.00 + shipping.

Hope you find what your looking for.
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How is 30.7087" (that's 780mm) - Kudos X2

Superb speakers for the size

Good Luck
I was thinking Neat, as csmgolf suggested above. They are on my radar to hear. My friend said they sounded great at at the Montreal show. If you are near Montreal Quebec, look no further than Danny Labrecque. Very good dealer, no affiliation. Perhaps the Tekton Lore at different price level. 
Neat Motive or Kudos X2 - hmmmm a tough choice indeed.

I have heard both but with about a year in between auditions

If I recall correctly correctly,  the Neat are probably a little bit more detailed and the Kudos are maybe  a little more musical i.e. to my ears.

But I would have to audition them one after the other in the same store if possible before deciding.

Price might be the deciding factor.

 Both are great suggestions.

if you are in the Toronto region then Hi Fi Fo Fum carries both brands and Steve the owner is always up for a demo, but call first to setup a time

munchkin 0.75s, although they’re a bit screechy
why do you think short towers are going to give better sound at that height than monitors> i see no logic in that. off axis response is the same whether the tweeter is in a small box or tall box...is that the worry? maybe i missed something but so many great monitors out there already built
Focal SM9. Kick ass powered speakers. Just put them on a stand of your choice. 
Most speakers are about 900mm or 1.0m tall so that the tweeters are aligned at about the same level as the ears. If the tweeters are below the ear’s level the sound quality may be compromised. Unless the listener sits on the floor instead of a couch when listening to music.
So many considerations beyond height, but if height was primary
consideration, I would consider:

Vandersteen 1C @ around 3' tall....

Ryan Audio R610 on an 18" stand by others, for less than 3'
It's hard to get me excited about dynamic loudspeakers......I've
owned so many.........with results far lacking to my Magnepan 3.7s, but
these Ryans definetely have my attention:
Wow what a great way to buy speakers.