Looking for speakers to go with Graaf OTL-20 amp -

I'm looking for a pair high-efficiency (8-ohm, with SPL @ 93-db or higher) that don't look like "Darth Vador" to go with my Graaf OTL 20 amp (20-wpc), Graaf 13-B pre-amp and Copland CDA-289 as front-end.

The problem is, starting next month I'll be in my new apartment where the living-room (where I listen) and the kithen are in the same rectangular contiguous space and therefore making it a rather large room, about 35' by 19' with 10' ceilings.

The stuff I listing to these days can be categorized as loungy or electronic (ie: Theivery Corp., Bhudha-Bar etc.) as well as vocals and classical. I also like listening on the louder side.

The bugdet is around $3000 (used) -- any & all recommendations are much appreciated.

I did addition the "Classic" by Red-Rose, they're just wonderful sounding speakers but a bit out of my league at the moment -- $8000 (new).

Hi Jewel, Coincident has a new speaker called the Victory that is 97db 14-ohm that should work great with the Graaf. I have not heard this speaker but I own the Coincident Totals which are 3db less efficient than the Victory. I get very good results with a 12 watt amp so I would think that your 20 watts would should be more than sufficient.
Good hunting.
Hi Jewel,
I am diver from Modena, Italy, and Mr. MARIANI leader of GRAAF (that is built 800 meters far fro my home) is a friend of mine.
If you need, I'll try to ask him directly....
Let me know.
Another speaker worth auditioning is the Alon Lotus SE(14 ohm woofer version) $3700/new, which I use with an Atma-Sphere S30 (30 watts/ch) OTL with grat results. I'll also second the Coincident speakers recomendation. The Reference 3a speaker also would work well and sounds great, but it may not play loud enough in your room to suit you.
I agree with Brulee's recommendation of the Coincident speakers. From what Israel says, they match up extremely well with OTL's.

Nice choice on the Graaf's. While I have not heard the lower powered 20, I have heard the big brothers and they were terrific sounding.
In addition to what others have recommended, Von Schweikert is coming out with a new speaker called the DB-99. It is a down sized version of the DB-100 which is shown on their web-site. It looks quite interesting and his speakers are always well done.
Thank you all for your suggestions. The "Sonatina II" by Siverline might be another choice, however, I am leaning more towards the "Victory" by Coincident based solely on the specs. This also means I must increase my bugdet by $1500 to $4500 since I've not seen any listings for a used pair anywhere.

Also, does anyone have any opinions on the "Kharma Ceramic 2.0" with low powered OTL's as mine? I ask becuase with my now increased bugdet, I have a shot at some used ones listed here at Audiogon. And aesthetically, they will work better in my new modernistic loft space.

Thanks again for all your suggestions...