Looking for speakers

I am looking for a set of speakers. I want someting with good presence that also has a good bottom end. I will be using them mainly for music but once in a while for HT. I am considering Zu Soul Superfly, Accoustic Zen Adagio, or maybe something from Harbeth. I am open to any suggestions. My room is 15 x 25. I listen to mostly accoustic, female vocals, and jazz. Where I live there are not any high end audio stores so I can not audition anything. Any input would be helpful.
Need to know budget and amplifier you will be using.
As the above member noted you need to give us some info about your budget and amp. I own AZ Adagio which are excellent speakers, but they can only show there stuff with 100RMS in the room you described. Speaker cables are also very important; I just switched to AZ''s Hologram II speaker cable. If you want to spend only $2000, you might want ot consider a pair of Magneplanar 1.7. They need about 200RMS especially in your room;they have received several "best of" awards, but you really need to audition them, and read a few reviews. There a couple sleepers out there: PSB T-6, and Vandersteen's 2CE Signatures. Vandies need room and a 100-150 RMS to make them sing, and placement is important but can be a pain in the ass. Check out some dealers in your state and take a road trip there. Let us know what you decide on.... Good Luck, Jim
I would like to stay under 3000.00 for the speakers. I will be purchasing an amp to suite the speakers. I don't really want to go with ribbons or electrostats.
In your price range, Gallo Reference 3.1 or my completely renovated by Regnar Dahlquist DQ10's.
If you are considering the Superflu you may want to look at the Omen Defs as well. I have the standard Omens and they play pretty large, I imagine the Defs would fill your room nicely.
But of course there are many options for you, but Zu's 60-day return might make it easier for you.
Reference 3A de Capos with a nice tube amp even as low powered as a SET.
I bought for $3k 6-month old dealer demo Hyperion HPS-938, amazing speaker. Same room size with tall (cathedral) ceiling. Read reviews at hyperionsound.com
I also own Adagios in a 14 x 25 room, and they sound absolutely terrific, especially with jazz and classical.
Under radar for now, Daber Audio speakers, the Monitors 3's at least will need stands of some type. I switch these out with VSA 4Jr's, they are that good.

Will you be using a sub even if you do not employ surround sound?
Get yourself the Alon Vs or IVs selling so cheap here on the Gon. They do jazz like nothing can plus have the bottom end extension. Very open sounding, image fantastic, slam, dynamics, inner detail and work good with SS and tube amps. Plus you can resell them for what you paid for them any time.

Happy Listening.
If you want low end heft in a 15x25 room, avoid speakers with 6.5 woofers for bass unless you plan on adding some subs. Think along the lines of VMPS RM2 or Vandy 3a sigs.