Looking for speaker wire (bi-wired) suggestions for two types of speakers

I have two types of speakers (both bi-wired) that I use in my audio systems that are used with a solid state amp and a tube preamp, listen to both vinyl and cd's and all types of music. Prices not to exceed $2,000.00 for an 8.0 ft. biwired pair.

One speaker pair are the Usher Mini-Diamond 2's circa 2017 

The other speaker pair are the Eminent Technology LFT-8b'S brand new


Have a look at Silversmith Audio.  Different type of cable and they sound good.  They have a unique take of the bi-wire as well.  Just one of many choices but well worth consideration.  

Acoustic Zen Double Barrel Shotgun is a great cable that does everything right and doesn’t put a foot wrong.  Best of luck.


many prefer either a double run, or single run with jumpers, not internal bi-wire...just need to try yourself...endless debate about that on dozens of identical threads...

Just my opinion but a single run of the next level cable often sounds better than two runs of lessor cable and both at similar cost. 

I’m a fan of the single cable run with jumpers

- but not just those silly little jumpers that some with the speakers

You need to make your own jumpers using

  • 0.5 meter of 2 x 18 gauge UP-OCC solid copper from VH Audio FOR EACH JUMPER!
  • KLE Innovations Banana plugs

Why such a long jumper? - I do not know the answer to that but I exchanged extensive emails with a guy in Bulgaria that found 0,5 meter to be the optimum length.

So I tried them and they worked amazingly well

As for the actual speaker cables - take a look at Zavfino products - they actually work very well

- they are very well designed and built and their entry level are reasonably priced

Hope that helps - Steve

some manufacturers will sell you an identical pair of jumpers very inexpensively if you are buying the full length pair...

I have both a single run of AZ Satori and shotgun, and I prefer the shotgun versus the single run with good jumpers by a good margin.  But that’s in my system with my speakers so YMMV.  Just my experience FWIW. 

You would notice the biggest difference if you went to horizontal bi-amping instead of bi-wiring. Good wires are similar unless we are talking solid silver wires.

Good wires are similar unless we are talking solid silver wires.

Uh, what?

I just replaced my MIT AVT-1 bi-wire with JPS labs Ultra conductor 2 bi-wire.  The noise floor dropped and the bass response improved.  The bass seems to go a little deeper and the individual notes are more apparent.  I've had the MIT cables for over 5 years and always felt they were fine.  I put the JPS labs cables in and immediately heard the difference.  I went with JPS because over the years I have changed all my other cables to JPS and was curious if the speaker cables would make a positive difference.  I'm not sure what the MSRP on the JPS speaker cables are since I bought them used, but they should be in your budget.

I actually have a pair of those Ushers. The now discontinued Abbey Road mid-line cable is what I use/used. I think they’re still available on Hi-Fi Shark for a good price.

I’ve upgraded through the Usher line and they shine with bi-wired cables. 

Congratulations on the ET speakers!