Looking for speaker suggestions

I just picked up a C372 integrated amp by NAD and I am in question on what kind of floorstanding speakers I should get. I'm looking to get a set thats sounds good, but will only run about 750 - 800 for the set. I had someone suggest the BETA 50's by infinity. My primary concern is sound quality. Any suggestions?
I have had excellent luck with NAD amplifiers and NHT speakers. Their floor stander is the NHT ST4. It is like getting two speakers in one in that there is a sealed enclosure/acoustic suspension (essentially the SB3) monitor on top and a side firing 8" sub-woofer on the bottom. They list for $1000, but are generally available for less. Here is the web site .

Regards, Rich
I had a pair of Paradigm floorstanders that I drove w/NAD, and this was one of the most satisfying systems I've put together.You might want to look at a pair of good used Studios.
For 'philes on a moderate budget, I always recommend Paradigm and PSB speakers as a great starting point. I think their cost-to-performance ratio is excellent. You might also want to consider some of the lower-priced B&W models, such as the 603, and used Vandersteen 2Ce's can often be found for around $700.
I second the Vandersteen suggestion. A new pair of 1C or used 2Ce speakers fit your budget. I might have suggested the Paradigm Studio series, but have recently discovered in the last 8 months that the Vandersteen line all sound more like real music. I mean REAL music... like a live jazz club with unamplified music. Or a live string quartet, again without amps. (sold off all the Paradigms!!!)
what cambell said and add energy and epos to the list of what works well with nad equipment.
I'd totally agree with all of the above. Also the Vandersteen 2ce's should be easy to find for a good price. One I'd like to add is Epos.