Looking for speaker recommendations

I retired a couple of years ago and as a hobby have become a bit of an audiophile.  I need some speaker advice from those of you who know more than I. 

I listen mostly to classical and jazz. System is on most of the day for background music.  I do more critical listen from 8-10 in the evening at low volume (50-60 db.)

Been buying and selling gear and my current system is a Mac computer, Teac UD-301 DAC/preamp, Classe CT-2300 amp, Vandersteen 2CE signature speakers. My listening space is a 20 X 18 foot living room with cathedral ceilings. Due to WAF restrictions, the stereo system is in a corner of the room with the speakers 10 feet apart, directed at my listening chair that is 12 feet away.  

The Vandys sound nice but I suspect they are too directional for my listening space and style.  I am looking for a speaker that has a more fuller sound stage and will fill the room with sound. Speakers will need to have a better WAF than the Vandys. (Wife does not like the black socks on the Vandys.)

I prefer to buy used and am looking in the $2-5K range.

My current short-list for speakers is-

Legacy-Signature SE

DeVore-Gibbon X

Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

@justvintage I agree and have a cłean pair of Gershman AG’s with boxes should the OP be interested. @2tuby it's a great value for money speaker.
Ok time for the curve ball, I have a pair of Decware HR-1s.
They are hybrid-radials, the WAF is within spec, and they are more forgiving on placement.

Due to your listening style, and content, I feel these would be a spectacular choice.


I own two Decware amps, and I have met the maker of the HR-1s, he truly is an artist and fantastic guy!

Hope this helps,
Magnepan 1.7i. I have heard them twice, once with a Prima Luna 35 wpc tube integrated and also with a pair of Bel Canto class D mono blocks. They were shockingly good both times!
About two years ago I bought Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 for about $2700 and love them. The richness of the music is better than any speaker I have ever had, especially for strings, voice, jazz, piano and rock and roll. I am not a fan of large ensemble music but when I listen to a symphony it produces a very large sound stage.

I've auditioned a lot of speakers including the Magnapan 1.7i which I like, as well as the 30 when they were in a store in my area. I have listened to Linn, KEF, Focal, Magico, and ProAc but the Sonus Faber please me the most, especially for the price.