Looking for Speaker Recommendations - Halo P3/A21


I've been upgrading my system lately and was wondering what the group would recommend for speakers. There are two primary goals to my speaker upgrade.
1. Not feel the need to change or upgrade anything in the system for several years.
2. Have a reasonable WAF.

My system was Adcom 555 and GTP-500 for amp and preamp along with Arcam Alpha 7 CD player and Castle Harlech speakers for the last 15 years. I recently changed out the amp and preamp with Parasound P3 and A21. Have settled on an Oppo BDP-95 to update the CD player which will be purchased very soon. I feel these three items will be a huge upgrade/improvement over what I was running. So at this point I see the speakers as the weak point in the system.

The Harlechs have been a very good balance for this system in terms of price and sound and appearance. We don't have much room for speakers so a tower arrangement like the Harlechs would probably be best.

I see a lot of recommendations for Thiel and Von Schweikert that look like they would fit in my budget but don't know if they would be a good fit for the Halo electronics. Some of the B&W Nautilus models fit my budget and appearance requirements but I hear they are somewhat bright.

I listen to CD's exclusively and lean to pop, rock, and R&B selections mostly.

I have a budget up to $3000 but I see where a $5000 budget might get me a pair of Wilson Audio speakers and wonder if those would be appropriate for my system and keep me happy for a long long time to come.

Any and all input is welcome.
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There are some Wilson Sophia models for under $5K. These are very good speakers that will fulfill your 2 criteria. They are good enough that you could improve your electronics if you wanted to and not feel the need to change the speakers.
PSB Synchrony One. Will do everything you want within your budget and look decent too.
Manitunc - I got searching here on Agon after your suggestion for the PSB Sychrony One and found a lot of high praise (including you) for the PSB Stratus Gold and Gold i. Instead of spending all my money I found an 8 year old no use pair of Gold i's and decided to try them for a while. They should be a good sized step up from the Castle Harlech's I've been running for 15 years for a very very affordable price. My only risk is that the Halo A21 won't be a good match for these speakers since I won't have any opportunity to previw them. But I can't see how that could be an issue.

Thanks for the advice, even if it took me in a slightly different direction.
I have the acoustic zen adagios,and they are fabulous.They have a small footprint and they sound amazing.Highly recommended ! I cannot bring up my speakers withought mentioning Mr. Lee .He has always anserwed any question personnally and has called on his own to talk to me and answer questions about placement etc. Huge thumbs up $4800 jrs are like $2800
I have the P3 and A21. I have had Snell E5s, Paradigm Monitor 9s,
Vandersteen 2CE Sig IIs and Magnepan MMGs. I think the MMGs sound best, but I have heard the A21 with the Magenpan 1.7 and that was a killer combo. But like I like jazz, acoustic and vocalists which is where Maggies shine. If you add a tight sub to any maggies later you'll really luv the sound. 
Congrats on updating to the Parasounds over the Adcom's. No doubt a big improvement. I've heard your Parasounds on Maggie's... mostly 1.7s, Monitor Audio Golds and Silvers and various Paradigns. The 1.7 would be my top pick of those, but if you want a speaker that plays hard and rocks out, the Paradigns deliver. The Paradigns can be a little hot on top but with your new gear you'll be fine. The Monitor Audios are more refined over the Paradigns but can't play as loud.

ProAcs would be something to look at as well. ProAcs sound great on about everything and especially rock. 

I love my Aerial Acoustics 7Bs but you'd need a bigger amp. The newer 7Ts I believe are a little easier to drive so that would be my top recommendation.
KEF LS50s pair nicely with an A 21.  Try "Legends of Jazz" BD played on the Oppo to appreciate just how nicely.