Looking for Speaker Recommendation

I recently purchased a Plinius 8200MKii integrated amp with the idea I would upgrade my speakers from the Vandersteen 1B's I currently have. I'm looking at the Vandersteen 3A Signatures but think their physical size may be too large for the space I have. Would the 2CE Signatures be a large step down? Or can anyone recommend something else instead of the 3A's that would be in the same or lower price range yet of comparable quality? My room is 12' x 24', and the speakers will be going onto the shorter wall. Most of my listening is classical music.

Thanks for any suggestions you have.

Check out DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 8's. If you like the Vandersteen sound, you'll love the DeVores.

FYI: the 3A Sig's have the same "footprint" as the 2Ce's. Both speakers are 16" wide by 10" deep -- the only difference is the height. The 3A Sig's are 48" tall, about 8" taller than the 2Ce's. While the 3A Sig's do take up more "airspace" and thus seem a bit bigger than the 2Ce's, the extra volume of the 3A Sig's speaker cabinet yields a deeper bass response. The drivers in the 3A Sig's are also significantly better than the 2Ce's.
Have you heard of a speaker called the Europa by Green Mountain Audio? Apparently they are very good speakers.
Geez, Dawgbyte! You're killing' us! (Although I do hear they're very good speakers. Wish I had some.)
JM Reynaud Trente or, if you can afford them, Offrande.

These Reynaud speakers have a wonderful musical quality, more expressive than the Vandersteens 2CE Sig I have heard.
The problem with the 3A's is they are too wide for you narrow wall. You have the depth but not the width. What about going with the Von Schweikert 4JR? They are narrow and deep. I heard them at CES and they are quite wonderful and at the same price level.
Tomryan - you like my suttle humor? ;-) I think from now until a meteor the size of Texas hits the earth; every person who asks for a speaker recommendation is going to get someone to chime in on the Europas!
Dawgbyte - I'll be making a pilrimage to Green Mountain soon to search for them. I'll keep a diary and would be willing to share my experience. Have started a fast this week and should be ready soon.