Looking for Sony SCD-1

I am looking for a good price on a new Sony SCD-1 super audio cd player. I have seen revievs on the web where people claim to have gotten them for as little as $3800, but they do not say where. Is anybody discounting these things?
Look into Sony's less expensive sacd unit. THe SCD-777 ES lists for $3500. and then get your best deal.Read reviews at www.audioreview.com .Do not have discount sources, but you'll research that. Happy listening.
Q Audio may still have a demo for sale. Contact [email protected] Bob is a fair guy to deal with.
Hi, try uncles' stereo or sound city. Hi every ones', I plan to get one SCD-1. But, is the right decision to purchase this unit. I'm asking your inputs. Thx Bruce
you can find the scd-1 for $3444 at dat audio in la,calif.they also will throw in 4 super audio cd's.if you have trouble finding them let me know.
I saw one on eBay, around $3500... Good luck.
i wanna buy!

you still have this SACD scd-1 player?

[email protected]
One for sale right now for $1850
PM me.
I think he's probably moved on after 13 years.
Oops, thanks Roxy.
But isn't the post Feb 2 2013 ?
Usually several on eBay.
Happy Listening!
I have a SCD 1 . It just stopped working. Maybe the laser went out. It was my back up. Willing to sell if you want to make an offer. Thanks ,Ron
One thing I have you know is that the focus on this player was SACD. Most of the costs were made on getting a good sacd sound. The cd part is less convincing. For cd playback it was not that perfect. Personally I would never spent this much money on an old player.