Looking for something better.

I have just recently traded in my AVR for dedicated 2 ch. preamp to mate with my McIntosh MC162. Wow what a difference that made! I have Paradigm studio 20v4, 40v.3, and cc470. I am looking for recommendation on either a floorstander or a monitor for about 2k. I listen to jazz and rock and roll all vinyl. I have a Rega RP3 with Ortofon 2m blue, Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp and the Mac.
I think Legacy Focus ....for the price are the best value out there!!! I have a pair of Legacy Whispers ....and I love them!!
Linn Majik 140's for speakers. I just sold a Rega RP3 and thought I'd never miss the 2 Linn Sondek LP 12's I sold, but after a few months and only about a dozen albums, I got another Sondek LP 12. I used a Super Elys and a Linn Adikt with the Rega, but they just don't sound nearly as good. The Linn Majik 140 speakers should sound very good in your system.
If you could swing another $500. I would go for the
Evolution Acoustics Micro Ones. $2500 with the stands.
IMHO, nothing comes close to these in this price range & even
above. You would have to spend a bunch more to better them.
Read the reviews or better yet search them out for a listen.
A true value! You will not be disappointed!
Good Luck as your going to get a ton of opinions.
How about some Gallo Classico CL 3's. About $1600 and free shipping both ways if needed. A larger sweetspot than most other traditional boxes. There are several reviews of each of the Classico models. All of them positive and big bang for the money.

I tried a pr. of the CL2 standmounts just to see/listen if all the hoopla was true about the Classico line and I didn't know return shipping was free also, until I called and asked for an RA#. Didn't need one and they had the speakers p-u at my door.

Btw, they are very soundly engineered. I have a hard time finding speakers that don't cause an upper midrange problem for me. The CL2's at $800 were a joy to listen to. I'm possibly going to spend much more money on speakers than the cost of the top Classico CL4's at $2500, but I won't completely rule them out.I'm wanting a large sweetspot, because I'm getting old and sometimes I like to just lean over a bit.

Good luck in your quest.