Looking for someone to build me grill covers for KEF LS50 metas


I bought a shiny new pair of KEF LS50 Metas which sound great, but they are attracting my baby's fingers like magnets.

I need a pair of grill covers created, I'm thinking with small wooden circles with grill cloth wrapped over it, and velcro attachments to attach them to the speaker baffles. I only need to cover the driver, not the whole baffle, which would be tricky as they are curved.

Is anyone here on the forum handy and willing to take on the project?

much appreciated!
You could use something like this and use blu tak to adhere the cover to the front of the speaker...

goatwuss, Message me.
Thanks for the suggestions!
Here is an inexpensive, elegant and fun solution.


Why is the baby allowed to get near to the speakers?