Looking For Someone That Machines Knobs

I'm looking for someone that machines knobs.I have a TKD attenuator that I would like to have a knob made for it.Any contact information would be helpful.Thanks,Scott
Is there some special requirement that negates the use of knobs avaiible from someone like the partsconnexion or other electronic parts suppliers? If so, it's no big deal for any competent machinist to make something like a knob, but you are going to pay more for it that you'll likely think it's worth.
I know this might sound a little like I am not playing with a full deck. But why not try going to HD or Lowes or a local hobbie center and try using a knob made of wood. You could sand it down and stain it and just might look attractive enough? Just a thought and I hope your not all calling the funny wagon...
Schipo...Not a crazy idea at all. What is crazy is the wooden knobs I have seen offered as a high end tweek supposedly improving sound quality.
Google thingamaknobs.
Didn't Blue Circle offer wood knobs at one time or have I confused them with someone else?
I would love my knob......nevermind
There's a local machine shop a few miles from where I live that could probably do what you want. Email me@your convenience.
Thingamaknobs. Designer is a man named Scott and his work is fabulous . He uses many exotic woods and the quality is first rate .
Yes Blue Circle does or did sell wooden knobs from various kinds of wood.
Their stainless steel knob was more expensive than the wooden ones.
I am sure if you email Gilbert at Blue Circle he certainly could give you a few tips.

I have picked up wooden knobs ,from Audiogon, in the past.
You might try this.....