Looking For Someone That Builds Interconnects

I am looking for someone to build me 3 pairs of interconnects. The wire is 47 Labs Stratos wire and the RCA plugs are KLEI Absolute Harmony. Thanks
Try reaching out to James at https://www.schmittcustomaudiocables.com/.  I bought cables from him in the past, his work is professional and with quality.  He may entertain your custom work request.  Good luck 
+ 1 schmitt custom cables, on a lark picked up a pair of WE interconnects from him for all of $100 they were well built and sounded shockingly good. Excellent service as well.
But you could also build them yourself if you're handy I am not myself but I hear its super easy to roll your own cables.
Hey there, I’d be happy to build them for you for free. I’d also be more than happy to talk you through building your own. It really is very easy if you have a soldering iron and a hands free clamp setup, both of which are very inexpensive from parts express. I enjoy building cables, but don't need any right now...

You’ll also need to decide if/how you want to dress your cables. I made some ICs out of solid core silver wire and opted to put each length in heat shrink tubing and then in techflex to stiffen them up and protect the solid core from sharp bends..

Your wire choice doesn’t look like it will have that problem though. I used KLE Pure Harmony RCAs on the interconnects I mentioned above.. great connectors!
This sounds like fun! I operated Element Cable and Element Signature for 10 years until just a few years ago. Google the name and you'll find many glowing reviews over the years.