Looking for someone else to listen to?

I recently bought a duo, Tuck and Patty through a recommendation of a friend of mine. I was blown away by the voice of Patty and the guitar strumming of Tuck. You can hear and visualize tucks fingers slide and pluck on the strings.

Check out their greatest hits album and their latest album. You will not be disappointed.

In case this sounds like an advertisement or a Pr job I do not work for nor am I connected to anything regarding Tuck and Patty. I just truly ejoy their music and want to share it with everyone on the 'gon.

Happy listening
I hadn't listened to Fairport Convention since the 70's, and then I purchased the 2-LP vinyl set of Richard Thompson's "The Old Kit Bag." Wow!! This album after two listenings has become a truly wonderful addition to my music collection. I'm now going to have to find more of this bard's music. The lyrics, his voice, and guitar work are stunning.
You should see Tuck and Patty live! Then you'll be blown away. Her voice and his guitar playing are... are... are just incredible! Total control over their instruments with impecable timing and creativity. They really work off of each other. True synergy.
yes - enjoyed tuck and patty
I met them backstage - very nice approachable people

an album I really like is "Heaven Down Here"

they were on windham hill in the 80's

JCBach... I've been looking for the vinyl of "Old Kit Bag." Where did you find it??

Someone else to listen to:
Tom Ovans
Martin Stephenson (esp. "Boat to Bolivia")