Looking for some Speakers to match up as a set...

So I have been passed down a pair of old Boston Acoustic T-1030's and I love them. Prior to getting these though I have a mish-mash of random speakers I picked up on the cheap being on a college students budget... But now I'm adulting and have some extra cash to to blow haha. So my goal now is to match up these speakers with similar/same quality Bostons's around the same time specifically a center speaker and 2-4 surround seakers and a sub.

Really the only reason I'm looking into this is because I have this bizarre OCD need to have full set of matching/same brand speakers. As a novice audiophile here though if this is a bad idea and/or I should maybe just look at better equipment to enhance these speakers I'll take that advice as well haha.

Also all I have right now is a receiver not really sure what to look into for pre-amps and other stuff to add on... 

Thanks in advance guys

also current speakers besides my 2 T-1030's are if it matters
 -  Receiver: Denon  AVR-X1200W (Just got this)
 -  Pioneer SP‑C22 2‑way Center Channel Speaker
 -  2x Polk Audio M20 - Speaker - 2-way
 -  Sony SA‑W2500 Subwoofer

For a multi-channel system, matching speakers makes a pretty positive difference in the overall quality of the sound.  Pans from left to right and front to back become much more seamless and the entire soundfield is much more enveloping.

And you don't have to spend a King's ransom to do this.  Get on over to Google and search for the Elac B-5 and C-5 speakers - here's a sample link for you:

Match these up to some decent quality separates - I would recommend the Outlaw 975 prepro and the Outlaw 5000 amplifier and you'll have a *rockin'* system for both music and video. These are on sale now for $999 for both pieces. 


For less than $2,000 you can assemble a VERY nice multi-channel setup that will serve you well for years to come...


Looking more carefully at your post, I see you have the Pioneer SP‑C22 2‑way Center Channel Speaker. Pioneer makes matching floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. Sell the Boston Acoustics and get the Pioneers in their place.

Match those up with the Outlaw stuff I mentioned previously and you will have a *very* well-balanced, good sounding system for very reasonable money... Good Luck!