Looking for some sax sp music

I love the sound of a ballsey sax wailing. So do the ladies man! ;) Clarence Clemons of the E-street band comes to mind. But who else should i seek out?
Branford Marsalis plays a great bass sax on the Columbia release Trio Jeepy. And it's a superb recording as well. It's been one of my favorites for years.
Plato is correct regarding the "Trio jeepy" recording excellent sonics. I would recommend Joshua Redman "wish" with guitarist Pat Metheny and the master rhythm section of Charlie Haden on bass and Billy Higgins on drums
has excellent sax rendition of "tears in heaven" and is excellent recording also.
Strsting to smell a CD buying binge. Anymore suggestions?
David Sandbourn As we speak, will impress the ladies and blow you away
Perhpas a bit sedate (in comparison to Clemons), but for when you want to class it up a bit but still get your sax on, try Sonny Rollins' Saxaphone Colossus.
If Clemons strikes a nerve with you then I suggest you look for recordings by King Curtis, such as "Soul Meeting," " Night Train" (a classic) or "The New Scene of King Curtis." Also, you might like Red Holloway who plays both a fine tenor and alto sax: "Red Holloway and Company," or "In the Red." Holloway also played with John Mayall on "Ten Years Are Gone"...fantastic bluesy lines...hard to find. Benny Golson, Curtis Amy, Plas Johnson and Lee Allen are a few of the many lesser known players who have been largely obscured by Rollins, Adderley, Coltrane, et al. Plas Johnson is best known for his rollicking sax play on the Pink Panther OST. Johnson's "Hot, Blue and Saxy" is a fun album.
I believe it's Paul Desmond who plays sax with the Dave Brubeck quartet. I started listening to Brubeck but it's really Desmond who steals the show if you ask me.
Dexter Gordon, Our Man in Paris, on Blue Note.
Sonny Rollins Volume 1 is also good.

Paul Desmond is great, but I'd hardly describe it as ballsey wailing.

For great blues sax there's a Doug Sahm CD "Last Real Texas Blues Band" that's pretty good.
Morphine is/was an excellent sax based rock band and they were well recorded as well. The cd's I'm familiar with are 'The Night', 'Cure for Pain' and 'Yes'. Very atmospheric erotic music along the lines of Roxy Music/Brian Ferry or Garbage, perhaps. Highly rec'd.