Looking for some recommendations about preamp options

It would be pairing with a Decware Torii amp. I want to buy something used that will be fairly easy to re-sell if I don't like it. Right now I am thinking about an Audio Research LS 27 or perhaps the Cary preamp SLP-05. I have heard the LS 27 equals or outperforms the Ref 5. I do see a Ref 3 offered here that is just a little out of my reach but could probably make it work. There is a LS 27 on AG right now but it is shipping from Spain and is wired for 220v. Not to big of a deal but a little more of a hassle than I really want if I am going to drop that kind of money. I am open to all recommendations. Perhaps even a TVC or a passive. My amp should have plenty of gain and I would not need long cables so impedance shouldn't be an issue.  Steve over at Decware has designed a new Pre but it comes standard with only balanced ins and outs and to get it the way I want will be expensive and I am sure there is a couple of month wait for one. Thanks for your time. I love this forum, amazing amounts information.

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I have friend with a Torii and he (reluctantly) stretched his budget and settled on a Coincident Statement Line Stage, mostly for its high voltage gain, according to him. He was also very anal about getting something that matched the sound of his Torii... and I must say his system is one of the best I've ever heard, anywhere. He has one of the larger Zu speakers, not sure exactly which model.