Looking for some info on speakers

I'm a 'newby' to the high end audio scene, but love music (Jazz is what I listen to primarily) and currently am running on NAD components - 317 intergrated amp, and the C 540 cd player. My local dealer recommended JMLabs Cobalt 810 as a good speaker fit. These sounded excellent in the store, but I don't know much about them, and wonder if anyone can reccomend these or another brand to go with. Any suggestions? (looking to stay in the $700-1200 price range)
Typically JM Labs are very efficient, but I cannot say I know on this model. What could be very positive about this speaker, is that with the NAD gear, you effectively increase the power delivery and headroom of your system, without investing in new power amps. You have to consider if you plan to later upgrade the NAD, or is it were you plan to stay. If possible, get the Cobalt 810 in your own home, with your gear and see if it makes you happy. That should help your decision. If the dealer will not allow that, I would require him to hook up your equipment in his showroom.
Well put Albert, let your ears decide. I would insist on listening to them in YOUR room to be sure they sound right in your environment. Any good dealer will take a credit card imprint and let you try before you buy. If you can, try out the Totem speakers too, I have Totem Rokk's in my home office, sound good for the money, you can find them for around $400 used. Also, B&W speakers seem to work well with NAD gear. Try a few out before you lay down yer cash...Jeff
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I think a pair of Coincident Triumph will fit the bill,1100.00 new less used.I use a pair in My HT set up.My wife listens to them using an old Nikko Cd player and they sound great.I use a Marantz SR-880.This speaker will allow you to grow your system and not become the week link.Once you have some extra cash upgrade the CD player.
Consider Triangle and Meadowlark, relatively easy to drive and a good deal for the money.
Jim, Aggree with Fletch on Meadowlark Kestrel!! B&W makes some really nice speakers which fall in your price range. I have heard the upper JM Labs which I really liked. Haven't heard the Cobalt series. Used in your range--maybe Hales Revelation 2 or PSB Silveri. I have the Hales which I think for the money is the best. Check out "www.audioreview.com" for customer feedback on different speakers. And do alot of listening before you buy. Good luck....LR