looking for solution...maybe simple question???

I had a nice set up...and as we all do, thought it could be better.
I now own a set of Mirage M3 towers match to a Mirage s12 sub.
My problem as you might imagine is that the M3s are SO power hungry that I have to push my Sony MC-Receiver past 50% or better to achieve my desired home-theater listening level.
I have been looking at the sony1000 / onkyo models and integra.
I encountered a guy to day that offered me an Integra 7.8 B-stock unit (65W) model.
Would this solve all my problems with power to these M3s??? not having to worry about bi-wiring / heat / etc?

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Without getting into the math, you need to double the watts to get any appreciable increase in volume. That said, all amps - at a given wattage - are not the same.

So a 65 wpc amp and an 80 wpc amp will give you the same volume.