looking for solution...maybe simple question???

I had a nice set up...and as we all do, thought it could be better.
I now own a set of Mirage M3 towers match to a Mirage s12 sub.
My problem as you might imagine is that the M3s are SO power hungry that I have to push my Sony MC-Receiver past 50% or better to achieve my desired home-theater listening level.
I have been looking at the sony1000 / onkyo models and integra.
I encountered a guy to day that offered me an Integra 7.8 B-stock unit (65W) model.
Would this solve all my problems with power to these M3s??? not having to worry about bi-wiring / heat / etc?

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OK..my Sony..an older dg510 - considering the newer STR-DN1000 7.1 - it has the TrueHD, dts-HD that mine lacks but it is also limited to 1080i (unless that can be adjusted with a firmware update somewhere down the road?
At 300.00 new...shipped! it Seems like a no brainer.

Then there is the Integra 7.8 B-stock (really nice looking piece..and about 50lbs) I have locally, but he wants 650.00 for the unit. Granted it is the last run of the high current (65w?) models in the sub 1,000 mark.... but that is about 150.00 past my budget for this piece.
I feel a compromise on the head unit will pay off on the TV I select.

I have seen a few decent amps that would be easy to acquire (Acurus & Onkyo)...the problem is the entry level receivers with preamp outputs are about double what I can justify.
so buying them is useless to me because then I couldn't afford the amps as well.
I hate to get another Sony, but for the price it really seems to hit the mark.
Perhaps I care less about the audiophile quality of my music/ H-T compared to the ability to enjoy the system. Without sweating the resources to pay for it.
I try to keep an eye out for auctions here but it seems people in my range are really hanging on to their equipment.

where is my mystery piece?
100wpc 5.1/7.1
3-4 input hdmi dts-HD
preamp out on sub/front and maybe a zone two.
under 500.00 to my door?
my bad...perhaps I meant to say high "current" ???