Looking for solid state integrated amp.

I am looking for an integrated amp to drive an old pair of
Energy Pro 22 speakers. These speakers have a sensitivity
of 86dB and impedance of 8ohms. I will be using them in a
room that measures 25l x 12w x 8h. I am considering the
following models:
Onix a120
Creek a50ir
Audio Refinement Complete Alpha

I live in an area that no longers supports high end stereo
shops so it would be difficult to audition these amps.
I would greatly appreciate any opinions or recommendations
for solid state integrated amps in the <1000 dollar range.
Don't know about the Onix or the Creek, but I auditioned the Complete Alpha- if you're looking for a smooth non-fatiguing sound with a detailed midrange- that's your ticket imho. Build quality is great, and sonics too and they can be had used inexpensively in relative audiophile terms.
I agree with Foster_9. I had an Audio Refinement Complete as my main amp for a couple of years and I'd recommend it as one of the great bargains in audio. I have a little experience with the Creek a50ir because I helped a friend build a system including one and have listened to it a bit. It's a fine amp but I'd pick the ARC for myself.
Primare has a small integrated (A20 MkII, I believe)which would be in your range of purchased used. A seriously underknown and underated integrated.
No brainer especially with your room size. Plinius 8200II - A little over your price range but probably the last amp you'll ever own. On here on A'gon for $1400