Looking for smooth SS pre amp

I would like the input of my fellow "Aragonites" concerning "smooth" pre amps. I'm looking for pre's that are clear but not grainy. My limit is $1,500-$2,000 and don't mind purchasing new or used.
How about a Conrad Johnson PFR.
Im a convert to the Lavardin amps that do something quite extraordinary with sound. Don't know if they have a us distributor, but look them up at lavardin.com
I think the Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp is tough to beat.
Beautiful appearance, remote, dual mono power with choke regulation. Soundstage reviewers choice 2000, class B Stereophile, check soundstage.com review.

I own one and only change I would make is to add balance control, but all preamps I owned previously had no balance also. Sound wise I have no desire to try anything else,
smooth yet dynamic with clear clean treble.

Also check sam tellig review in 10/2000 Stereophile, Audio Advisor offers 30 day trail, has demos for $1295.
Other than the MF A3cr if I was looking to buy smooth SS preamp, I would try the Marsh SS preamp, @$1000 Galen Carol
is good source for these, I have heard good things about it but have not tried one myself.
You have a number of choices in your price bracket, assuming you are looking for a preamp only (not a combo preamp and HT processor). One of the best values on the market is the Adcom GTP-750, which is listed as a "Class A"
component by Stereophile mag, yet has a MSRP of about $1250.
I also have experience with the Bryston BP-25, which has very clean, transparent sound that is grain-free (it also has a 20-year transferrable warranty). With due respect to Megasam, I'd be a little careful about the Marsh preamp. It got a fairly mediocre review in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Plus mag, although the companion Marsh A-400 power amp got very positive comments. Since you are willing to consider used gear, you might also want to search for a recent model Klyne preamp. Stan Klyne builds a superb preamp, and you may be able to find a used model within your budget.
Martice: After I made my first post, I had a couple of further thoughts about preamps. Given your max price of about $2000 (used), you might also be able to find either a Rowland preamp or an Ayre preamp. Both are outstanding units and will certainly meet your performance goals.
Besides the above, you might also want to add a used Pass Labs Aleph P to your list.
Check the Ayre And Placette audio.
Anybody have any opinions on Classe pres like the 47.5?
I'll mirror sdcampbell re the Klyne, you have too spend more then twice as much to get anything as good and MAYBE better than Stan's pre-amps, and if you can find one used for a good price, it's one of the best bang/buck out there.
The buffered Placette at about $2,000 would be the pick of the bunch that I have tried. SS, but no nasty sounds in sight.