looking for small tube int.amp for 91.5 imp

i hope i have this correct....my friend has a pair of 91.5 imp speakers and wants to try tubes...the price range needs to be used or new below 800.00 .thanks
92 sensitivity
Keep an eye peeled for a Primaluna PL 1/2.I've seen the 2 as low as $825.Plenty of room for growth and tube-rolling options.
Just throwing this idea out there....do you still have the Cayin Integrated ? If so, why not let you friend try it with the speakers he current has ? If he likes it, there is one for sale just a little bit above his budget.

Just an idea.....
thanks for the help i found a raysonic, interested, i owned one of the players and liked it alot.....i believe for the money it may work or the cayin is also a good choice....i know i have owned one of those too....the almarro looks nice and would love to have one , but the five watt one may not be enough and the others are too expensive, but beautiful i must say...thanks ,,,audiogoners are the best....i turned 91 this year and still love the stuff, i bought sal marantz tubes in the 50s and boy have i had the equipment and toys over the years , the best speaker quad 70s elect., linn turntable 70s, loved threshold amps , ads speakers , up to date the vandersteen were fun , the cayin is the best bang for the buck, no doubt...i have a small system putting together in a new room for me...but i my buddy needs the tubes....i would like them but can't go there...thanks again for listening and me rambling...
I like tubes myself,but have been impressed with the performance of the Winsome Labs Mouse.It is a single-input "chip" amp.I bought it so I could watch movies on a secondary TV and portable enough to take to friends' homes who don't bother with 2CH movie watching/nothing but the TV.Have since explored using it with a number of speakers and it never failed to impress ($419 delivered).
interesting winsome labs...very simple, worked for honda,i have often in my simple mind , tried to design the smallest system know to man, that sounds BIG and yet detailed....universal output,amp,speakers,screen...the screen would be the largest piece....boy is that fun, this little gem is something that excites me in audio....thanks for the heads up on this amp...dwhitt