Looking for small size CD player

I just purchased a vintage Proton 300/301 stereo table radio w/ powered second speaker for use in a bookshelf and am looking to add a small CD player that will match this terrific-sounding, but modest receiver. Chief constraints are size (<10 in. deep) and price (<$300). Any suggestions?
...i'm going to predict that the first suggestion you get is for the playstation 1 (1001 model)...

i guess i fulfilled my own prediction.

seriously, though, they're pretty good sounding, cheap, quite small (about 10.25" wide by 7.25" deep), and you can get a remote for them.

they don't look great, but for something that small, they do sound pretty good.
I have no connections to the seller, but would recommend this cd player :

OK, that's a start. Thanks. I'll check these out and see what else folks come up with.
Take a look at the "elekit" here on audiogon. its a kit so you have to build it yourself, but looks like fun! 360.00 new. i don't know anything about it, I just saw it in an ad. It looks pretty small, maybe just the ticket.
i have an radio shack cd player thatis the size of a cd..headphone output , audio out and volume control...i also runs on batteries...it is somewhat of a cult player , all the head players know of this one, it is old but is in excellent condition and sounds great..i will send you pics if interested..
To Dwhitt: sure, I'd be interested to see the unit and any specs you have. thanks