Looking for small monitor for small room

I have a nad 3130 that I’d like to get a small stand mount speaker for. The room is 10x 9 and very lively. Any suggestions for speakers. I’ll see if room treatments can be used.
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There are a couple Silverline Minuets on US AudioMart near your price.  Great little speakers that don’t need high-end electronics to sound great.  Best of luck. 
kef meta ls50. save up more money
PSB Imagine XB Bookshelf Loudspeaker 
Look for the KEF LS50 Anniversary model. Great for a smaller space.
I took a chance on these, for my office system, similar size room as yours.

I use them with a self-powered sub, they are terrific, true bookshelf size, no ports



I have a perfect triangle, with the monitor in the center of my desk, wonderful imaging as center is phantom anyway.