Looking for significant upgrade from Oppo 105 to stream Tidal.

I am currently streaming Tidal through an Oppo 105D and am looking for a significant audible upgrade in the streamer and the DAC.  Oppo's Media Control ap has always been problematic so I will not miss that!  I don't like chasing reviews due to advertising bias. I do want to hear other people's real world experiences.  I am not sure if I want the streamer separate from the DAC, however, I want to be able to upgrade the DAC with future technological advancements if possible. Thanks to all responses in advance,


Although I don't yet have any real world experience with the recommendations below, both companies offer superior service.  I believe both owners will (if need be) log onto your computer and help with setup - or if there are ever problems in the future.

From all user reports, both of these will sound amazing!

Salk StreamPlayer Gen III

Sound Science Music Vault Player

I just got the Oppo Sonica DAC/streamer with Modwright Mods and it sounds fantastic. I'm sure that the stock Sonica sounds pretty good with new flagship ESS 9038 DAC chip. I see a shortcut to Tidal right on the Sonica app.
Lancelock did you have a 105D for a comparison to the new Modwright unit?
I have the 105 modded by EVS and the Sonica with the new DAC chip and Modwright full tube mods does sound significantly better than the EVS 105. In fact I have already ordered the 205 from Modwright for my HT/2 channel listening. The 105 will most likely move to the bedroom.

The differences are hard to narrow down. The new ESS Sabre DAC is now better and the Modwright mods are more extensive than the EVS mods were, so hard to tell which is more influential.