Looking for Sam Chatmon album, anyone can help?

I am looking for a Sam Chatmon album called "The Mississippi Sheik". It was released on vinyl in the '70s under the Blue Goose label (BG 2006). Needless to say, the LP is out of print. Furthermore, even if I were to find one, I couldn’t use it, as I don’t have a TT right now. Is there anyone who has this album and who can/would be willing to make me a CD copy of it? Thanks.
I used to own that great LP, that was many years ago, I don't know if the Blue Goose label is still in busines (probably not!). However, there's a Sam Chatmon CD on th UK Flyright label that contains 22 tracks (issued in 10/99), I believe some of the songs were on "The Mississippi Sheik" LP. Please check half.com : they're several copies available through them (as low as $12.99
+ S&H). Good luck.
Thanks, Hervé, I know that album - and love it. But I'm after "The Mississippi Sheik". Blue Goose is long gone (too bad).