Looking For SACD-R Player

A few months ago I sold my near mint Oppo 980H to a friend to partially fund my new BDP-103. After the last firmware update, I realized I made a big mistake. I can't play SACD-R anymore. An elegant 2.1 system was taking form: Amp, Pre-Amp, Oppo with Roku stick. The only extraneous box in the setup is a 2TB HDD for FLAC audio and MKV video files. Now I have to bring back my clunky HTPC box into the mix to play SACD ISO in foobar2000. Or I can find me an old or cheap player that can play those recorded discs. Preferably, it must be able to do DSD over HDMI too. Any ideas?
You could burn your SACD ISOs to disc and then play those in the Oppo...

Oppo lost its ability to play recorded SACD due to new firmware update. That is why I am looking for new alternative.
Flash back to the older firmware. Problem solved