Looking for RP6 insight

Just found a "super clean, low hour" RP6 on my local Craigslist for $1k.  Thinking of responding.  Was hoping those with experience would care to provide some insight into the sound quality, etc.  It comes with the Exact 2 cart. and TTPSU power supply.  Looking to get something in addition to my old Dual 1219.

rp6 compared to what? msrp is 2 grand w cart so price is decent if it is in excellent condition... exact is ok at best
Thanks for the reply.  Not looking for comparisons really, unless someone can directly compare the rp6 to an old Dual 1219.  I have been told by a few people much more knowledgable about TTs than myself that I will have to spend over $1k to beat the sound from my Dual.  Sounds reasonable but I have no idea if this is true until I experiment of course. I have shied away from anything in the $500-ish range like the rp1, Pro-ject Carbon, or Music hall offerings.  Not looking for a sideways move.  This rp6 might be a good place to start. 

Just looking for any comments from rp6 owners or anyone with experience.  For instance, good to know your opinion on the Exact cart.  Also wondering about possible upgrades - to an acrylic platter perhaps? 

I agree the price does seem decent if it is in great shape. 

Thanks again.

Getting opinion on that level of table/cart is endless. Just buy it.
There are plenty of positive online reviews on that model.

Forget upgrades on it, spend on a better phono stage and cart later, if your ears demand more.

Ageee ^^^^^
I had the Exact II on a P3-24, It's a good cartridge. Try to get the RP 6 for $900. Remember Rega TT's have no VTA so your cartridge choices are limited.
Sky, Yes I know but it's a PIA. It wasn't worth the trouble on my P3-24, but perhaps so on a RP6. 
having heard the P6 i would easily buy a new technics sl 1200 mk7 for a grand or the sl 1500c for $1200.  
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Thank you all for the replies.  Unfortunately, I was a day late.  The unit sold yesterday.  The hunt continues.  I have a line on a fairly new Music Hall mmf 5.1 for $600.  Anyone care to comment on that TT? 

Or maybe I just ante up for a new one.  Still considering the lower priced rp1 or pro-ject models.  Just to get a taste for something different than my Dual.

Thanks again
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The rp6 is a toy version of a real life turntable. 
 Not to be confused with a real life turntable 
The rp6 is a toy version of a real life turntable.
 Not to be confused with a real life turntable

... he says as he kicks the dog...
Look for a older VPI HW19jr table for around a grand.
 Such a better platform for upgrading in the future 
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