Looking for recommendations for CD player

I am looking to replace my Adcom GCD-700 CD player with a better sounding one. I feel the Adcom is a little too brite in the mids am looking for a more natural sounding replacement. It can be a single CD unit and must have remote control and variable output would be a nice feature.
I do not have a lot of cash so price verses sound ratio is very important. Any ideas or direction will be helpful. Used OK. Thanks, Milo, music lover not an audiophile.
Any Muse player/separates will be much more musically natural than you current Adcom player.
Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler board and upgraded tubes. Stunning sound under $1000.
You know, the new Rotel RCD-1072 just received a spectaular review in TAS (Product of the Year). It's listed at $699.00.
Jolida JD-100. If posible Level 1 or 2 modified by Parts Connection. These units are listed in AudioGon classifieds from time to time. Stock units sound good, also. Good luck!
Sony XA7ES , 33lbs of pure class A - $900 us unreal deal

Trust me!
You can probably pick up a Rotel RCD 1072 for about 600 brand new. It's an excellent player.
I'd second both the Muse as well as the Jolida JD100 (even bone-stock this can be a damn great one-box player).

A Vecteur L-4 if you can find one used is excellent IMO.
marantz sa-8260..awesome redbook player with free sacd. the redbook is really close to sacd.

would try to buy new since there are main board variations and pretty much "all"new cd players will have eventually have a problem (wether sony, marantz, phillips, ml, cal etc))

good luck,

That Rotel is somewhat of a shocker. I didn't get to hear one yet, but my local dealer just recommended it to me, and even stated that after hearing the Rotel, he had to sell his own personal Rega Planet, because the Rotel beat it handily! For whatever reason, it seems to be a diamond in the rough from the Rotel line. I would love to hear it up against a Njoe Tjoeb 4000, though.