Looking for recommendations cabling

I'm looking for recommendations for near audiophile quality (so as to not break the bank) optical out cabling from a PS Audio PWT into the DAC on a NAD M33.  I'm guessing I need about 2 ft of cabling - to be on the safe side.  I do NOT have the rack for either component yet, NOR do I own the NAD M33 yet - I'm just researching at this point.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Look into Belden, Mogami, and Canare. 

These 3 are basically the gold standard in most pro studios. They are both reliable and durable if you are constantly plugging/unplugging.

Schitt Audio is another great brand for cables. Once again, made to spec and they won't break the bank.

NAD.... The HP50 headphones are an excellent value as well. Good luck...
I would also go for the Mogami, have used their speaker cables and have not looked back.Received the M33 last month (Australia)  and have been blown away by the synergy with my Rega P6 into Goldenear Triton Ones, its a fabulous. I myself will be ordering interconnects from Mogami soon to run from my Oppo. Enjoy your M33!

Hi kijanki & mesch,

Per follow-up conversations I've had w PS Audio folks and NAD dealers, they've suggested to me that optical cable is narrower, bandwidth frequencies-wise, than digital coax, so now I'm leaning towards that, but I want to thank you both for your valuable input!