looking for recommendations

I have a theta amp and a krell s1000. I've been told by a very knowledgable friend that the Martin Logans are not a good match for the Krell as they are, in his opinion, "to analytical." I am therefore looking for suggestions as to what to listen to in a 5 channel configuration
i agree with your friend, i like theta,krell and martin logans, but together they just may be too analytical, but only your ears can tell you that, so if you have a chance to listen, then i would. i have been around this hobby a long time and nothing says correct like your ears. if you can stand in the space these units take up, i would suggest magnapan, vandersteen 2ce sig. and my favorite speaker, totem. there is just so much good equipment out there and it is hard to listen. magnapan offers a plan through some dealers for their five channel set up with a thirty day listening time. i like theta and krell myself, i have owned both and at the time i had krell, i owned totem speakers and loved the way krell sounded....knowing that krell and theta work well together...totem also has a good five and one system ...it may not be as expensive as the m.l. equipemnt but they are very musical. vandersteen is always a good speaker that is very neutral in clarity and tone....a little laid back like the magnapan,but boy are they musical. hope you find the right output...dwhitt
Ditto on the Maggies
I reccommend that you send me the money that you owe me for the cables
Send me money too :)