Looking for Recommendation for AVR

My 20 year old Harmon Kardon AVR 65 suddenly has a bad buzz and doesn't seem to be working - 
It is time for a new AVR I think.

Are there any recommendations for an AVR ?
I have an Aerial center channel, 2 Mirage back speakers, and Aerial 10T front speakers that I will be running through an Audio Research LS 25 pre-amp and Pass Labs 250.8 amp.
This means my AVR has to have pre-outs for the front speakers.

Any recommendations for an AVR - I'm using the AVR just for when I watch my TV - a new LG 55 inch OLED (beautiful pic btw) ?
I don't want to break the bank on this - I was seeing that Marantz, Yahama, and Denon had AVR's under $1000 with pre-outs.


Sony ES Series, excellent sound and has Sony room correction which has worked very well for me.  Sony ES 4K UHD Disk player, too.
Did this person ever replace the AVR?  Anthem MRX520 is a real simple solution for $1399.00...
Hi - i went with a new Marantz SR7012 which i bought from Accessories For Less - 
I can't say it is the best AVR out there as I have not tried different models but it has worked very well so far.

My move from a tube amp to the pass solid state worked well as now leave my amp on and I can listen to music all the time and watch netflix and TV through the same sound system with just a few clicks on my remote controls.