Looking for Recommendation for AVR

My 20 year old Harmon Kardon AVR 65 suddenly has a bad buzz and doesn't seem to be working - 
It is time for a new AVR I think.

Are there any recommendations for an AVR ?
I have an Aerial center channel, 2 Mirage back speakers, and Aerial 10T front speakers that I will be running through an Audio Research LS 25 pre-amp and Pass Labs 250.8 amp.
This means my AVR has to have pre-outs for the front speakers.

Any recommendations for an AVR - I'm using the AVR just for when I watch my TV - a new LG 55 inch OLED (beautiful pic btw) ?
I don't want to break the bank on this - I was seeing that Marantz, Yahama, and Denon had AVR's under $1000 with pre-outs.


steve: i personally don't hear a ton of difference between the mass market avrs--i've had good luck with pioneer elite and yamaha; others will recommend denon or marantz; i've heard people complain about onkyo's reliability. if you look at accessories4less, they have great prices (up to 50% off) on avrs--you can find one for $300-400 that has all the bells and whistles.
Accessories4less.com is a good source for discounted AVRs.  I'd recommend Yamaha because they sound good but also seem to be a step up in reliability relative to most others.  If you don't need all the absolute latest bells n whistles, you can save some $$$ buying the previous generation models like this...

Yamahas dont have have the most robust power supplies out there though, and I'm sure your Aerial center needs some juice.  But since you won't be using all the AVR's amp channels I thought it could still be fine and you may even be able to biamp your center. 

But here's a Marantz that's got a beefier power supply and is even cheaper...

My problem with Marantz (and Denon) is that last year they were bought by a private equity firm, and their motivation is usually to cut costs so I'd be concerned about parts quality and reliability.  

These two i recommended are probably at the absolute minimum for each brand to meet your needs, but they're still well below your max budget so you might want to move up the lines as you'll get more power and still be within your budget. 

All this said, what I'd do would be to buy a used Anthem MRX710.  To me, it's a cut above these others in parts, build, and sound quality, they're reliable, and they have what many feel is a superior and proprietary room/speaker EQ system.  Here's a nice demo unit that's in your price range and probably still comes with full factory warranty.  This is absolutely what I'd do if it has all the features you need...

Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search. 
Hi - thanks for your reply - it was very informative. 
The current version for Anthem is MRX720.
Do you know what the 720 gives you over the 710.
Also - if I am going with only traditional surround with 5 speakers can i still get a 7 speaker system ? And if I am going 5 five speakers (2 fronts, center, and 2 backs) does it make sense for me to go with MRX 5 series ?

Denon or Marantz. For Denon, a X3400 (X3500 if you need phono and HDMI 2.1 features).  
Anthem is good, I would only consider it if you wanted to use the room correction and you didn’t want to pay the extra $20 for the  Audyssey app for Denon/Marantz in order to adjust the target (the default is very poor, reduces bass for no reason).
im kinda at same point as the op,,, i have been using a 10+ year old dennon avr.  I tried a new marantz 7012,  (i have my own amps that are better than any receiver)   its going back its not much better than the old dennon. .  I did alos get a mini dsp unit and that is very good for the bass.  Good enough now im thinking about getting an NAD they use same correction dirac.   its more for tweakers than set it and forget it guys, but i think i will enjoy it.   Or might go anthem.