Looking for really fine cables at really low price

I have been listening to excellent sounding Exemplar exception cables for the last several weeks. While my HFCables are better they are also much more expensive than the below $500 cables.

They offer an excellent sound stage, dynamics, and top to bottom quality sound. Not only are they inexpensive but they are very portable and easy to install.

I am not a dealer or investor in this company.
gabriel gold is having an auction right now. In my system the gabriel gold outperforms cables costing much more
Realitycables.com offers very fine performance which easily lives up to its name. Clarity, detail, frequency extension, and musicality, with the elusive performance illusion of a three dimensional physical reality in the room with you. And, economical, too.
Impressive in a number of systems, both tube and solid state.
I'd rather buy something used in that price range like Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II. Great performance and brand recognition, and I can probably turn around and sell for very little or maybe even no loss when I look to upgrade. Just my take fwiw.