Looking for quality banana plugs.

Need a set of 4 plugs to replace spades. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks.
Depends on what you want to invest. AudioQuest best bang for buck or WBT best bang for many bucks.
Audioquest. Their very good and don't cost a lot. The Cable Company has them.
I've always been happier with BFA/Z-plug style connectors than conventional banana plugs when plugging into a banana socket.

It seems as if there's more contact area and it's easy to adjust the tension for a firm grip using a pair of needle-nose pliers to gently spread the gap on the plug. The Audioquest SureGrip plug is a good one and Audio Advisor has some gold-plated ones for $5 each. A search for 'BFA plug' or 'Z-plug' should give you lots of options.
WBT NextGen 0610-Cu are great and make a nice secure connection. I'm very happy with them.
Thanks everyone. I will probably go with the audioquest.