Looking for pricing advice for Modded SCD-1

I have a SCD-1 to sell that was modded by VSE shortly after I bought it and shortly before I left to go overseas. Now that I am back, I am into streaming audio from my computer and am not using the Sony. So its essentially a new unit. My problem is I cannot find any comparables in order to figure out what to ask for it. I subscribe to bluebook, but that has not helped either. Seems like used SCD-1's are going at 1700 to 1800 now? Should I ask that plus half the cost of the mod?
That seems to me to be a good place to start. Hard to know in any precise way; a lot would have to do with the rep of the modder.
The problem with modded players is that you are basically doing it because of the sonic benefits. You will not recover much if any of the cost of the mods and depending on who modded the unit you may get less for it than a stock unit. VSE has a good reputation so you should get something for the mods but IMO not much maybe 30% of the cost of the mods on top of the players value. My unit was modded by RAMEast and it sounds great but I realized that the resale value of the unit would be compromised. The benefits of modding is that you will not get a stock player to sound anywhere near as good as the modded unit for the price. Good Luck


I agree with both replies so far. Your pricing sounds like a good place to start, and maybe you'll get lucky, you only need to find one buyer. However, my experiences with modded units is more like Chuck's. You would do well to re-coup 25-30% of the mod investment from what I've seen on AudiogoN. Many folks steer clear of modded equipment, which will obviously limit your pool of potential buyers.

Put it up for $1750 + %50 of the mod cost and you may get lucky. If it doesn't sell then you will have to lower the price.

Good luck,
Thanks guys. It helps to have another couple opinions. I will take a flyer and be listing it this weekend. We'll just see what happens!