looking for preamp with built in tuner

Can anyone suggest a preamp with built in tuner (also phono input would be nice too) besides Adcom products? I have considered an Anthem AVM20 but I'm not sure I want a home theater processor and the $/performance ratio should be better with a regular preamp.
Linn Wakonda with sneaky tuner module. If it has a phono input it is easily changed between mm and mc. The Linn remotes are superb too.
a pre/tuner that regretfully went down the road was a hafler 945. (200.range used)
doesnt have a phono section but was a great low-cost pre with a very tight tuner. kurt
You might consider one of the McIntosh tuner/pre combos such as the MX110 (tube) and later SS versions like the MX113, 117 etc.
I personally have an MX110 and MX117. Both are excellent.
Adcom makes/made some of these.
I would like to limit the discussion to only solid state with full function remotes.
Anthem also makes a tuner/pre.


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Rotel did make them if you don't mind used. Not sure which have remotes. The manuals are available for download at Rotel.com; so you could look and see.

The model numbers are:

The NAD 1600 is a competent Tuner/Amplifier with a decent phono section. In fact, I am presently using one connected to a Krell KAV300i integrated amp as my tuner/phono sectionall feeding into a Triangle Celius and it does a pretty good job. I also still have an Adcom GTP-500, a Carver CT-6, and Carver CT-7 all hooked up to lesser important systems and I feel these are less competent than the NAD but they do a pretty good job on a system used not as a critical main system.
Correction on my earlier posting, The NAD 1600 is a Preamp/Tuner with a full remote. It has performed for me more competently than the Adcom GTP-500, the Carver CT-7 or the Carver CT-6. I live in a spot challenging for FM reception and the NAD outperforms the others.
I am using the NAD 1600 as well. Have changed amp, CDP, and speakers over the years but the 1600 remains. Have not yet found a reason to change.