Looking for preamp which is good at BOTH single-ended AND balanced output

I am looking for a preamp which sounds good at BOTH single-ended or Balanced output. My DAC has both single-ended and Balanced output. I have vintage tube amps which only allow single-ended input. I also have SS amp which only allows balanced input. I use both amps alternatively. Sometime I even use both together for bi-amp setting.

Is there any good used preamp under $3000 recommended? I have opportunity to get BAT VK-30SE or 31SE, I know they are good for balanced output, are they equally good for single-end output?
While no absolute guarantee, the higher the quality preamp the better both are likely to be and also the less the difference is likely to be.
Why not take a look at the Benchmark Media LA4?  It's Stereophile class A, offers both balanced and single ended inputs and outputs, and is below your top budget, selling for $2,600 new direct from Benchmark.  
Interesting. I will check it out.
If you don’t need an active pre-amp, the IcON 4pro does both single ended and balanced input/output and provides outstanding sound quality. 

I can reccomend the BAT VK-30SE, I have one in my system now.  While you will probably get better results with balanced due to the topology itself it does quite well with unbalanced inputs and outputs