Looking for preamp to go with my system

I just got back into my audio passion, now that the kids a teenagers. My system is built around Magnepan MMGs on custom stands. The source components are Rega Planar 2 with stem and subplatter upgrade and Denon DL-160. I also use an Onkyo CD DX 7555 with custom power cord. I believe the week link is the amplification. I am about to replace my Adcom GFA 555 with a Rotel RB 981 and now am looking to replace the Adcom GFA 555II with a better alternative, ideally a tube preamp or tube sounding pre. I have a Bellari VP 130 and like what it did for my phono. My cables are Kimber PBJ and Hero and original Monster for speaker cables. Does anyone know of a good inexpensive preamp that can accommodate three to four line sources and match well with the rest of my "budget" components?