looking for pix of outrageous system

A few years ago, an A-gon member posted a website link with photos that showed a dedicated listening room/home theater in different stages of construction. One photo showed what looked like a pair 20 foot curved subterranean chambers for the bass waves. I think another photo showed
the completed room with a still shot of Eric Clapton on the HT screen. Does anyone have that page bookmarked? Thanks!
Search for Royal Device on Google and you'll find it.


check out, audiophile club of athens,(Greece)great website,i get there via google search,mindboggling systems
ditto on audioclub of athens...check out the system built by the frnch mass marketer...unreal!
Ellery,,thats the system that made me think of this site when i saw this tread,,this guy goes thru more equipt.in one upgrade than i will in my lifetime!!!!!!!!pretty cool room too !
no doubt Ray...infact...have you noticed that when he upgrades he just lets all the other stuff collect dust? Guess he's never heard of Audiogon...hahaha.
THIS might be the room your looking for
Thanks, Metralla. The RoyalDevice URL is what I'm looking for. But, I sure am having fun looking at the others.