Looking for phono preamp recommendations

Really need some feedback on phono preamps. I have a clearaudio innovation with Koetsu Black cart. This goes currently goes into a Manley Chinook. Other gear is Pass Labs preamp/amp, Wilson Yvette’s.

I don't feel the Manley is delivering the full soundstage for me. I looked and demo’d The ARC Ref 3, lots of $’s and thinking I can do better at a lower cost than the ARC Ref 3.

Looking forward to recommendations. .  
If you own another source, does it provide the expected soundstage? If so- try upgrading your 6922s, to a couple pairs of upper-crust, NOS types(ie: Siemens/Amperex/Mullard/Telefunken). Another area to upgrade; tonearm to Manley and Manley to preamp interconnects. All the above can make a major difference, regarding stage width and depth. Of course: effects/benefits are also cumulative. Did you try that(better performing) ARC phone stage with your TT? Everything’s predicated on the cart/arm being meticulously set up.

I've been running a Koetsu Black Goldline since last fall. First with a 20+ years old ARC PH3-SE. No lack of soundstage, even then, let me tell you! So its certainly not the cartridge.

Then in December I got the Herron VTPH-2A phono stage. The Herron has got to be one of the all-time great bargains in all of audio. The music that comes out of this thing is really hard to believe, you just have to hear it. My review is here on the site somewhere. Short version, my wife who normally does not notice changes would not shut up about the Herron even though she was only hearing it through the door in another room. Through the door. The closed door.

Never heard the Manley only know it is so well regarded its hard to believe its to blame for your lack of imaging. Since you ask for recommendations though the Herron gets my highest.
Your line section is balanced- were you thinking about a balanced phono section as well (all phono cartridges are balanced sources for what its worth)?
Yes- I was thinking of a balanced preamp. 
Any balanced phono preamps to recommend?
That's a bit tricky. A lot of preamp manufacturers haven't sorted out how to do the equalization properly in a balanced phono section, unless they are using an input transformer to convert to single-ended operation. So I've seen a few that made balanced phono sections and then later stopped.

We've been making balanced phono sections in our preamps now for 30 years, but we don't offer any that are outboard.
Thanks. How does the ARC Ref three do it? They have balanced outputs and so do others. 

Just curious. 
Not sure what you are asking. It has RCA inputs for phone and RCA or XLR outputs.
^   *phono
It looks like you won't pay for an ARC Ref3 phono and want balanced outputs. Not sure of any stand-alone phono only amps with balanced in and out. Which leaves you out of luck. I think you should very seriously consider @rodman99999 suggestion to roll the Chinook tubes. Call Kevin to discuss these.
Since you already have Pass Labs amp and preamp, why not consider the Pass XP17 phono stage?  I just replaced a Doshi tube preamp and phono with the XP17 phono and XP22 line stage.  It's the first time I've not had tubes in my system in many years and am very pleased with the results.  

Call Kent at Pass and/or Mark at Reno HiFi.  Sometimes Mark has some great deals on demo gear.  Good luck!
I using the the Ayre P5-xe phono with Pass XP10 and Pass 250.8 with great results. The Ayre has both XLR and rca ins and outs.
You can find good prices on used units.
Thanks for all feedback. Really want to stick with a phono preamp but not at the >10k price point. Not sure of the return sonically.