Looking for phono preamp

I'm trying to find a suitable phono preamp for my Gyro SE, Graham Robin, Grado Reference Sonata combination. The two requirements I include are tube amplification (just personal preference) and a low frequency "rumble" filter (I'm tired of watching the woofers pump and listening to all that IM distortion). So far, the only thing that seems to fit the bill is the Pro-ject Tube Box. It also has a nice loading flexibility. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Have you seen this.
Let me suggest the EE MiniMax Phono Stage. Just yesterday I had a 5 hour listening session with the MiniMax phono stage. This is a giant killer!! First off the build quality is excellent. This this is built like a tank. Good looking too. The sound was intoxicating!! Huge soundstage. Eva Cassidy was way behind my system and carried well beyond my speakers. This phono stage has a lot of PRAT! The highs are pristine, clean and detailed. The bass is tight and full. The mids are to die for. This unit sounded great with the stock tubes. But Bill is known for his expertise on tube rolling. It didn't matter what brand of tubes we used it just played music. This phono stage is a REAL bargin @ $1500.. Hope this helps on your search.
Take a look at the Decware tubed phono stage. It can be configured for both MM/MM, only MM, or only MC. Most expensive handles both, of course, and is about 1500. Decware has a thirty day money back policy so you can try it out and return it if not happy.

A big bonus the Decware has over other tubed units (BAT, Aesthetix) is the low number of tubes. The BAT has ten tubes; that is a lot of money to acquire ten good NOS tubes. The Decware also takes up a lot less room than the BAT/Aesthetix/Lamm class of phono gear.

If you want to NOT spend a small fortune I suggest you forget about tubes and acquire a Dynavector P-75. They list for 595 and are very good. I have one on the way right now as I wanted to give it a listen; it has already been auditiond and recommended by my audio supplier and he auditioned it in his reference Kondo (not UK but Japanese Audio Note) system. Believe it, or not, but the Dynavector hung in there with a classic Kondo M7 phono preamp designed to complement the original Ongaku.

If it does not work for you it is quite easy to sell as there are not a lot of them around. Or, if there are the owners rarely decide to sell them.