I have purchased Thor Aduio's 150 watt monoblocks, his
Dac, line stage and phono stage. All items except for the Dac were offered with a lifetime warranty by Paul Marks.
I have worked with Paul and have found him to be a gentleman and extremely consumer oriented and anxious to make the customer happy. His equipment is well built and
sounds wonderful. Lately I haev notifced on Audiogon that it is said Thor Audio is out of business. I called and E mailed Paul. His phone has been disconnected and my E mails
haev been returned as undeliverable. In my audiogon readings I noticed that Audio Logic owned by Jerry Ozment
would be taking over all repairs and upgrades. I called Mr. Ozment and he said no such arrangement has taken place,
but he might be interested if PAul Marks agrees to enter into some arrangement starting in January of 2008. Mr. Ozment is a gentleman and has a sterling reputation in the industry. He can be reached at 203-222-2274. So, fellow Thor Equipment owners. As of now all we seem to have is
a possibility that someone may take over Pauls' repairs, etc, but of course at a cost to the consumer. In any case, I am still not sure what has transpired, except that my friend Paul Marks seems unreachable. He has my phone numnber and I hope he calls me. I really do not want to speak poorly of him as he has always done the right thing by me. So far I have a history of positivre actions on his part. So if anybody has any news I would aprpeciate
hearing from them.
good luck dealing with Jerry Ozment, I found his customer service to be terrible and will never purchase his products again. To be specific, he took in an Altis Reference DAC for repair from me, a DAC he designed. After $800 and 9 months of sending it back and forth and having to call him and leave message upon message only to ocassionally get a return call, I gave up and sold the DAC here broken at a huge loss.

as always, YMMV, but this experience has made me think twice in dealing with a company who a. does not use email
b. does not answer their phone nor do they have an employee to field calls.

As a comparison, Jeff Rowland has been stellar and I am always forwarded to him when I call for repair issues.

Sorry for the slightly off topic response, but I needed to vent.
I think all of us Thor owners and freinds alike hope Paul is doing well..We are all of coarse stunned to find that he has indeed left the Audio world..I have also been a loyal and very satisfied Thor customer for aprox 10 years and can remmember the day I first met Paul at The Audible Difference in Simsbury,Connecticut.. As of right now knowone seems to know what happened to make Paul leave the business ( I do have my opinions ) and I really do feel the he did make a extremely great Product..We all will miss him dearly and hope who ever takes over Thor Products ( if anybody does ) he or she will be as down to earth and respectfull person that Paul is..Hopefully soon we will here something to let us know what will finally happen to Thor Audio
Does anyone have an update on Thor Audio, for repairs, etc?
There was a good post a few days ago where somebody asked about service technicians. There are names of people recommended. You might try that. I wish you luck. I am sitting with 90 lbs each TPA-150's and am not looking forward to shipping them to a stranger. But, what can you do? I hope that replacing the tubes is all they will need.
If anything else goes, then I will check audiogon and
ask for recomendations. The site is very helpful.
Kjl, where are you located, perhaps folks in your area could refer you to some quality professionals in the event you should ever need one.
At this particular moment in time Paul is enjoying the sunset or sunrise,depending on your time zone, in Fiji.
Paul is in Fiji, I am in Nassasu County , Long Island.
Not as glamorous as FIJI, but what can you do.